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Originally recorded to be used as part of a split 7" with a band called VICES from Jacksonville, FL.


released August 23, 2011

Recorded with Ian Van Opijnen at Echo Room Recording Studios.


Robert Nordberg
Jeffrey DeBruyn
Michael Nirenberg
Ryan Kelly
Derek Vanasse



all rights reserved


LONGSHOT Massachusetts

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Track Name: The Apathist
I've tried so hard
Just to forget what I've heard
But it’s so hard
When everyone just sits there
Spewing hate and ignorance

What happened to this moral society?
What happened to all of our empathy?
We're not all as lucky as you may think
I’ve seen too many lives get cut short with no fucking

I can't keep dragging myself through these
Dark places when there’s no sign of light
I can't keep watching this world fall apart
When there’s nothing that I can do to help

I scream these words
And hope that someone hears
In hopes that people will change
When the light can shine through
And show the ugly face that’s been hidden all this time

"It doesn’t affect me it doesn’t affect you
Who cares when there’s nothing we can do?"
It’s easy to lose the little faith we have left
To just watch it pass you by

But there are people and places
That can't be buried or forgotten
We can all just spend our days numb to the outside world
But I’d prefer not

I can’t fucking stand
How all of you
Get off on everyone else’s
Fucking misery
Track Name: Five Years On
The pen on the desk taps, the clock on the wall ticks
It’s the anticipation in the passenger seat
All these empty roads and blown speakers
Playing our favorite songs
Familiar faces at the door
Black Sharpie still smudged on my fist

I wouldn’t trade anything
Not these sweat soaked clothes
Bloody taste still in my mouth
Just another mic to the teeth

These are the days that I remember
And these are the faces that i still see
These are the days that I relied on
Just to get me through to another week
And these days will be remembered
And five years on we'll miss these days

The music changes, the styles fade
It'll never go back, we’ll miss those days
And this happens everyday
People grow up and the roles change
Now its my time to make my stand
And five years on I'll miss these days

The pen on the desk taps
The clock on the wall ticks
It's the anticipation
I wouldn't trade this for anything